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Collect Tuition Automatically!
Stop wasting your time chasing students for tuition fees each month!
Stop being owed thousands of dollars in fees each month!

Since 2004 studioautopay.com has been helping hundreds of studios across the country collect tuition automatically each month. Call us today at 1-888-238-0065 or click on Getting Started to see how easy and affordable it is to get started.

• Just 35 cents per transaction (to electronically debit a students bank
account and transfer it into your bank account)
• Links to QuickBooks for easy accounting
• Fully web based - works from any computer (PC or MAC) with internet
• No need to switch bank accounts
• No software to install - can be used in multiple locations with no extra
• We provide full live telephone training to help you start charging students
automatically each month
• Use your computer to charge one time transactions too, without needing a
card swipe terminal
• 100% automatic - no need to manually send batches of transactions each
month like other services

Now your studio can have the same bill collecting advantages that were previously only available to large insurance companies and finance companies. Our safe secure technology is custom designed to help studios collect monthly tuition easily and automatically. Read the topics below to see how our service can simplify tuition collection at your studio.

Here are comments from some of the hundreds of
studio owners nationwide who are using studioautopay.com
to simplify their collections and improve their businesses.

Sam Beckford

"Studioautopay.com has helped over 200 hundred of my studio owner clients eliminate their collection hassles. Using their simple, low-cost system is one of the best business strategies a studio can do to increase their profits, increase student retention and reduce their administration hassle."

Sam Beckford
Studio Business Coach

"Not only has Studio AutoPay saved me hundreds of hours this past year, but for the first time in 15 years I have a $0 balance for people owing me money AND I don't feel frustration towards some of my usual late paying clients!

Studio Autopay is the best business decision I have ever made. I get ALL the money owed to me on the first of each month without any phone calls or statements sent out to students/clients. I have time to build my business, not wasting time collecting money!"

Angie Ford, Bravo Arts Academy, Utah

"As we head into our busy Back-to-School season, I would just like to thank you for the excellent service you folks have provided us with. Before switching over to Studio Autopay Payments, we spent so much time and effort (read:'MONEY'!) chasing clients for receivables that we hardly had time for anything else. Since we switched our customers to Auto-Pay, we have found a lot more time to devote to business development. We experienced next-to-no objections about going this route, and this season you may see our activity almost double! Next year I expect my golf game to improve!!"

Corbit Larson, Centre Music House

“Using the Studio Auto Pay has saved my business! I have literally gone from about 20 hours a week doing bookwork to about 4 hours a month! It has seriously freed me to work on my business which has almost tripled since we started using the ACH System!
Thanks Wayne!!!!”

Christy Johnson, Dance Masters by Christy, Oklahoma

Why Should I Use Studioautopay.com To Collect Tuition?

1. Save Time

If you spend just 2 hours a week:
• collecting checks or cash
• making phone calls to remind students tuition is due
• making trips to the bank and waiting in line
• posting and writing up deposits or other collection activities

Just 2 hours per week is 8 hours per month or 80 hours in a typical 10 month teaching year. A full 2 weeks of administration is spent collecting fees. With studioautopay you reduce the time required for collections by 90%.

Why not give yourself 2 weeks off from work at your studio?

2. Eliminate Late Fees That Can Create Customer Bad Will

Many studios use a late fee penalty if someone doesn’t make a payment by a certain time of the month. The threat of a late fee may make tuition come in faster, but it can create a lot of bad will in the process. By auto billing, parents are never threatened by a late fee since all fees will always automatically be paid on time.

3. Get More Committed Students

If students are committed to paying automatically each month on an ongoing basis, they will be longer term and more committed to your studio. If people make their payment once each month they are psychologically only committing to 30 days at a time. The less commitment a student has shown you, the greater chance they will have of dropping out. A parent who is willing to say “keep automatically charging me unless I tell you to stop” has mentally committed to being there for the long term instead of taking it one month at a time. With studioautopay doing your billing you will never have students that don’t show up for 5 weeks without giving you payment and who “forget” to tell you they decided to quit.

To discontinue lessons students must give you notice in advance, and then you will stop the charges on their account after the notice period you set.

Another advantage you will have is that people can’t “forget” about paying you. They do it automatically. Studies have proven that automated payment plans result in higher retention rates.

4. Save Money On Administration Staff

Time is money. The more time you or an employee has to spend collecting fees the more expensive it is. Even if you are the one doing the collections, your time is not free. Every hour you spend doing clerical work is an hour you can’t spend on more cost effective, important activities for your studio.



5. Never Needing To Discuss Finances With Your Students Creates More Customer Good Will.

If you use studioautopay to take care of tuition you never have to discuss money with your students again for the rest of the year. Saying “Hi” to a parent is just an act of good will. It is not the beginning of the sentence: “Hi… did you remember to bring in your tuition this month?” If parents at your studio see you and start the conversation with an apology for not paying their bill yet, it does not create a good relationship between the studio and the students.

6. Improve Cash Flow And Budget Better At Your Studio

If you know you will have almost all of your tuition money at the beginning of the month, you don’t have to “juggle” paying your rent and your teachers and then waiting for tuition fees to come in so you can get paid. This is a risky and stressful way to run any business.

7. Only Studioautopay gives you a proven “toolkit” specially designed to successfully introduce automatic payment technology to your new and existing students.

The Studio Owners Automatic Collections Toolkit Includes

• Proven “introducing autopay” letters you can customize on your computer to use at your studio
• Forms you can customize on your computer to use at your studio
• Information on explaining autopay when registering new students
• 3 powerful incentives to switch existing students from monthly payers to auto payers
• Answers to common parent questions
• Proven phrases that eliminate objections to autopay and increase student retention
• Other tips and ideas to reduce your studio collections by 90%

8. Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Postage Each Year.

If you never have to mail out another reminder statement your studio postage costs will be dramatically reduced. Using studioautopay.com’s auto receipt feature, the system can automatically email all of your students a receipt each time their monthly tuition is charged. No postage fees.

9. Studioautopay.com Helps You Collect On Bounced Paper Checks Too.

Studioautopay.com has a unique feature that allows you to automatically re-charge bank accounts from paper checks someone has given you that have bounced. No more chasing people to replace a bad check with cash! Using studioautopay.com you can just type in the account numbers from a bad check that was written to you and re-submit the charge to their bank without ever needing to contact the customer.

This feature alone can save hours of collection time. Now you will be able to collect on bad checks that would have previously been written off as uncollectible.

10. More Convenient For Your Students.

Parents never have to remember to pay and you never have to remind them. People are used to having payments automatically withdrawn for mortgages, car payments, cable bills and other routine expenses. This service is not only convenient for your studio but your customers will find the convenience to be a win-win situation too.

11. Creates A More Professional Image for Your Studio

Being able to offer an auto charge feature to your student base makes your studio look more professional and business-like. Consumers expect large stable companies to offer services such as autocharge.

Having the sophisticated technology available at your studio raises your profile as a professional operation and makes current and new students view you as an efficient, leading edge business.


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